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Hi, I'm Marcel.
You are designed to be healthy, happy and strong. Yes, You!

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This is my mission

Supercharge Your Health

My mission is to help you troubleshoot your health problems, teach you how to overcome disease or just prevent it. I will give you the tools you need and I will assist you in this journey. I believe health is our natural state and I can work with you towards reaching your optimal health.

Health is your natural state

My Services For You

Health Coaching

One on one personalized health coaching with the single goal of improving and maintaining your health.

Hands-on Workshops

Learn how to cook simple and healthy meals, and how to make healthy choices when it comes to food and everyday products.

Health Talks

I talk about the latest in health and wellness, plus my own research and practical solutions for maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Free 1-on-1 Health Coaching Session
"Intro to Healthy Choices"

Learn how making simple healthy choices can boost your health to a whole new level. Life can be so much better and so much fun to experience, once you don't have to worry about health problems.

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Being healthy shouldn't be hard

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