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All the delicious chocolate desserts in one place … that’s how we like to celebrate every day, week-ends, work nights, and every single beautiful moment! From classics, to low-carb and keto chocolate desserts, to my wife’s favorite dark chocolate love and a few surprises, we’ve compiled our favorite easy chocolate desserts that we hope you’ll appreciate. They’re perfect for enjoying with loved ones or giving as gifts this holiday season!

Pinterest Image - 11 Delicious Chocolate Desserts You'll Love

Walnut and Chocolate Delicious Raw Vegan Cookies

These creamy walnut chocolate cookies will make you fall in love with no-bake cookies. They’re super easy to make, vegan and raw, super chocolatey and so creamy. Enjoy!
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Double Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

If you enjoy chocolate and coconut, you’ll love these crunchy macaroons. Surprising and sophisticated in the same time, this low-carb dessert will not let you down in terms of taste or healthy nutrients.
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Coconut-Chocolate Keto Bars

This recipe is my take on the classical coconut-chocolate bars. If you like coconut and chocolate, then this little dessert should definitely be on your list. It’s low-carb, crunchy, loaded with coconut and chocolate, and super tasty.
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Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Coconut Bars (Keto, Low-Carb, Paleo)

From the crunchy yet delicate hazelnuts to the distinctive chocolate taste, to the sweet raisins or those fatty coconut flakes, these low-carb chocolate bars will exceed all your expectations.
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Nice Cream, Walnuts and Chocolate Raw Dessert

This layered cream-like dessert is prepared using some of my favorites (read healthier) ingredients: bananas, berries, avocado, coconut sugar, walnuts and homemade chocolate frosting. It’s super tasty and so nourishing!
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Chocolate Walnut Fudge (Vegan & Raw)

This creamy chocolate fudge it’s super tasty, loaded with chocolate and berries and so easy to make. Plus it comes with lots of healthy fats and it’s very low in sugar, which makes it super healthy.
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Single slice of Low-Carb Chocolate Cake with Berries on a plate and fork on the side

Low-Carb Chocolate Cake With Berries

This low-carb chocolate cake has the perfect soft texture and a light cacao taste with a strong flavor of berries. It’s loaded with healthy nutrients, low in sugar, zero gluten and works great as a meal replacement. Did I mention that it’s healthy?
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1-Min Crème Fraîche Love Bowl | Raw & Delicious

Perfect in the summer time but amazing all year round, this decadent love bowl with crème fraîche and sour cherries is all you need for a delicious afternoon.
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Double Chocolate Cashew Raw Fudge

The taste of cashew and chocolate always makes for a savory fudge waiting to be enjoyed. Soft and creamy on the inside, with a thin crunchy chocolate crust on top, this homemade fudge exceeded all my expectations.
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Easy Keto Chocolate Fat Bombs with Cranberries

These creamy and soft keto chocolate fat bombs with cranberries has a delicate texture and it is absolutely delicious. Ingredients like cacao butter and coconut oil, raisins and cranberries, transform it into an exquisite dessert waiting to be experienced.
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Raw Vegan Chocolate Almond Cookie (Keto)

This raw vegan chocolate almond cookie looks amazing so I was expecting it to be good .... but I never imagined it to be this good! It’s delicate, creamy and loaded with chocolate which makes it a delicious choice for all chocolate lovers out there.
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If you give any of these chocolate-based recipes a try, let us know! Leave a comment, or take a picture and share it on Social Media (and tag it #refreshmyhealth).

Enjoy your health and share it with someone close to you!

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