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The Avocado Berry Banana Nice Cream is all about changing the rules when it comes to homemade desserts. You’ll be making your own vegan nice cream that is low in carbs, super healthy and prepared without added sugar, refined seed oils or other unhealthy ingredients.

You will love this simple nice cream

Calling all nice cream lovers … this simple nice cream is very special and here’s why. It’s:

Keto Approved
Free of Unhealthy Stuff
Made in Heaven

One serving of Avocado Berry Banana Nice Cream

Ingredients list for avocado berry banana nice cream

  • Avocado – One of the best ways to start your nice cream recipe! Avocado will add plenty of healthy fats and will make your nice cream thick and creamy, as it should be. But that’s not all because avocado is literally a nutritional powerhouse and one of the best plants to help you trigger positive health changes fast.
  • Banana – Just peel and add that banana into your blender! Banana is great for making delicious smoothies as well as making amazing nice creams. It adds a bit of sweetness, different nutrients and plenty of soluble and insoluble fiber. You can use perfectly ripen bananas or you can opt-in for those green-ish bananas, since both are great when used in this recipe.
  • Frozen Blueberries – Berries are one of those places where you can improvise, changing-up the flavors by using the kind of berries that you have available. Using frozen berries will make for a more refreshing dessert.
  • Boiled Squash – Well … this is me saying that you can always find ways to “hide” vegetables in your recipes. Just peel the squash, slice it and add it to a pot with boiling water. Boil the water for a few minutes or until the squash becomes tender and ready to serve. Remove the water and leave the squash to cool down before adding it to your smoothie.
  • Boiled Veggies – I had some leftover boiled veggies from the previous night and I decided to use them as a way to thicken my nice cream a bit. What a great way to sneak-in some delicious vegetables| For best and quick results, you can always prep your veggies the night before.
  • Coconut Milk – We’ll be using half a can of full-fat coconut milk. The coconut milk will help blend everything nicely and rendering a creamy texture, exactly as a delicious nice cream should be. Alternatively you can use coconut cream, just make sure to remove the water that comes in the can.
  • Hemp Seeds – I used hemp seeds to decorate my nice cream. For more toppings, see the last section where I detail my favorite toppings for nice cream recipes like this one.
  • Dark Chocolate – Grated dark chocolate goes perfectly on top of this purple nice cream. You can also add a bit of chocolate inside the cream … I will certainly do it the next time I’ll make this recipe.
One serving of Avocado Berry Banana Nice Cream

What makes this nice cream special?

Talking nice creams, it doesn’t get any simpler than this Avocado Berry Banana Nice Cream, since this recipes is made from just a few ingredients in under 5 minutes. This healthy and super adaptable recipe is something that you’ve got to try!

This is what makes this avocado berry banana nice cream super special:

It is packed with wholesome ingredients.
This nice cream is packed with “hidden” vegetables.
Delicious and healthy … but you already know this!
Thick and creamy, and perfectly blended too.
Free of refined seed oils, trans fats, added sugar, and also gluten-free.
Packed with ready-available nutrients that you body can use right away.
You get a multitude of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes and healthy fiber.
This nice cream is low in carbs (natural carbs) and packed with healthy fats.
Perfect for the low-carb and keto way of eating, plus it’s vegan and whole30 approved.
Make this nice cream and your body will say a big “thank you” to you!

Pro Tip: Feel free to use any kind of berries (we used frozen blueberries) but keep in mind that, depending on the type of berries used, the color of your nice cream will change from purple to red, or maybe to a dark blue color. Experiment and enjoy!

Best toppings for any nice cream

  1. Sliced Fruits – banana, mango, apricots, plums, kiwi.
  2. Berries – blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, blackberries.
  3. Seeds – sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or hemp seeds.
  4. Nuts – walnuts, pecans, pine nuts or cashews.
  5. Herbs and Powders – cinnamon, cardamon, anise, mint, ginger.
  6. Others – coconut chips, apple chips, raisins, dates, dark chocolate, homemade chocolate sauce, cacao butter.

I hope you’ll enjoy this nice cream as much as we did and don’t forget to share the recipe with someone you love!

If you’ve tried this berry banana nice cream, let us know what you think about it. Don’t forget to leave us a comment and a 5-star rating, if you liked it.

What is your secret favorite nice cream recipe? Share below!

Avocado Berry Banana Nice Cream | Keto & Vegan

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 3 big servings
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The Avocado Berry Banana Nice Cream is all about changing the rules when it comes to homemade desserts. Easy, healthy and super adaptable recipe you’ve got to try today!


  • Blender


  • 1/2 big avocado (skin and seed removed)
  • 1 big banana (peeled)
  • 150 g frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 boiled squash (used cold)
  • 100-125 g boiled veggies (used cold - broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and green peas)
  • 200 ml coconut milk (1/2 can, thick, full-fat)
  • 1 tbsp hemp seeds (to decorate)
  • 30-40 g dark chocolate (to decorate)
  • no liquid added


Prepare the Ingredients

  • Cook vegetables in plain water (note that I used frozen veggies, except for the squash).
  • Add them into a pot and bring to a boil for 2-3 minutes or until done.
  • Remove water and let the vegetables cool down to room temperature before using them in the blender.

Blending this Nice Cream

  • Add avocado, banana and frozen berries into your blender.
  • Next, add cooked and cooled vegetables.
  • Cover with coconut milk and start blending.
  • Blend on medium speed until you’ve reached the desired consistency.
  • Pour in your favorite bowl and decorate with hemp seeds and dark chocolate (or other toppings of your choice).
Course: Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Keto, Low-carb, Raw Food, Sugar-Free
Keywords: avocado, banana, blackberries, chocolate, hemp seeds, lightly boiled vegetables
Author: Marcel Corbeanu
Marcel Corbeanu

Hi, I'm Marcel! I'm a health coach, I write about health and wellness and I love cooking healthy food with fresh and simple ingredients.

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