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Today we’ll discuss about how you can recognize if you’re complaining all the time, how complaining can affect you in a negative way and what to do about it.

Watch my video post below to learn more, but make sure to also read the article below the video.

Complaining all the time | Refresh My Health

See if you can catch yourself complaining, in either speech or thought, about a certain situation, about what other people think or say, or even about the weather.

From a neuroscience point of view, complaining only reinforces the neural connections related to that problem.

Complaining carries a very negative charge and, when you are complaining, you are basically confirming in your mind and body how important that negative feeling is. You are conditioning yourself mentally to that.negative feeling.

By complaining, you are telling your mind and body, by thought and feeling, that the “problem” you may have is extremely important for you. Now you’re putting all your attention and energy into that “problem”. You are making your “problem” more important than anything else in your life.

By complaining, you’re also programming your subconscious mind with the idea that your “problem” should be given priority and is far more important than other things in your life. You are telling yourself repeatedly that your “problem” is more important than, for example, your love for life, life’s energy, the fact that you are alive and breathing, the fact that you have a family, life in general, etc.

When you are complaining all the time, you are basically giving energy to the “problem” in every moment that you’re continuing to complain about that certain problem or situation.

Eckhart Tolle teaches us that, whenever a negative situation or problem arises, we have only three options available:

  1. Remove yourself from the situation,
  2. Change the situation,
  3. Accept the situation.

Anything else is madness, and especially complaining. Complaining is also extremely unhealthy, as I’ve described above.

If you’re unhappy about a certain problem or situation, the only options are to find a way to change the situation, or accept the situation and move on, or simply remove yourself from the situation.

This doesn’t mean that you should ignore problems or situations if your life and simply look the other way. No! This simply means that, if you dwell mentally in repeated thoughts about a certain “problem”, you won’t get nowhere. You have to become conscious about your mental thoughts about a certain “problem” and act on solving the issue, instead of unconsciously complaining all the time.

I hope this makes sense to you and I’m looking forward to hear what are your thoughts on this. Feel free to comment using the comments section below.

Marcel Corbeanu

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