Are you ready to take charge of your health?

Hey, I'm Marcel

I want to help you improve your health through natural healthy choices, things like real food, sleep, meditation and mindset, correct exercise patterns and avoidance of environmental toxins. I believe in the healing powers of the human body and I’m determined to teach you how to take charge of your health. Through my own health journey, I understood that health can be very fragile and that prevention is key to having perfect health.

What is Refresh My Health?

Refresh My Health defines a set of health protocols designed to teach you how to set-up simple and effective habits that will keep your health intact all your life. Refresh My Health is all about healthy lifestyle choices made easy.

Refresh My Health is not a diet. The name “Refresh My Health” incorporates a set of principles related to general health, stress, food, exercise, sleep and recovery, mindset and meditation, plus environmental toxins. I like to focus on the ways these factors impact your overall health and practical solutions to manage them towards improving your health.

Improve any of these factors and you’ll improve your health. Improve all of these factors and you’ll be on your way to perfect health.

Refresh My Health is so versatile that you can simply start with what you want, based on your own needs at this moment in time. It allows you to adapt and change as you go, improving your choices on your own rhythm.

Refresh My Health is a way of living based on your health goals. Think of it as your own personalized guide towards optimal health. It’s designed to be easy to implement, always affordable, fun and, of course healthy.

I believe in natural health ...

I truly believe that disease comes from physical, chemical or emotional stress, I believe that in order to be healthy again, one needs to identify the sources of stress and correct them one by one. These can be related to the way of eating, sleeping, your work, exercise or the chemicals that may be present in your life, without you even realizing it. By the way, these are called environmental toxins are can be linked to many chronic health conditions, from fatigue to weight gain, diabetes, hormonal imbalances and even cancers.

I can work with you to improve most of the health issues you might have. I can work with you to identify and change bad habits for healthy habits, while teaching you how to best nourish yourself.

I am not a doctor, I don’t give out pills or prescriptions and I don’t name diseases. I never liked diets and I don’t think that counting calories is wise for both mind and body.

We live on autopilot

I believe our bodies are far more intelligent than we think and deep inside we know how to make the choices that will benefit our health. My goal is to help you rediscover how to make healthy choices intuitively, like you used to do it once. It may be a bit hard or strange at first but I’m confident that anyone can do it, because I’ve done it before with my family’s health.

Most of the time we live on autopilot, making the same choices over and over again, even if these choices are harmful to us. Our brain wants to keep us in the same “cozy” loop because the brain doesn’t like change. Change means risk and uncertainty, but our brain doesn’t like to play this kind of game.

Unfortunately, staying too much time on autopilot means we lose our ability to change. Even if the choices we make turn out to be harmful for us, it will become hard (read impossible) to change. After some time, we become chronically ill and we get used to it. What follows next is not a pretty site.

Many of these health conditions could be reversed with an all natural approach.

I like to deeply understand my client’s problems and I apply critical thinking in solving them. I always take into consideration all the little details because many times it’s the small details that make a big difference when it comes to your health. I don’t trust patterns, I think everyone’s body is unique and that’s why each of us need a custom plan for managing our health.

I trust in real food and I’d love to teach you how to incorporate simple, tasty and nutritious meals into your daily life. I so love to cook and to shop for healthy food and I want to teach you how to eat for health. I’d like to show you how real food can nourish your body and why this modern way of eating is making us more harm than good. Did I mention that I don’t count calories?!

I want to teach you how to build muscle mass and how to exercise properly, based on your body type. I truly believe in staying active, I believe in simple exercise patterns as well as taking long refreshing walks away from modern distractions. I simply think movement is key to achieving perfect health.

I’ve also specialized in dealing with environmental toxins. If you’re not familiar with environmental toxins, just know they can negatively impact your health in many different ways and they’re linked to pretty much all the chronic health issues out there. Do I have your attention now?

It’s not easy to steer away from toxins in this fast-moving world but I have a plan. We can work together to identify what are the factors that negatively impact your health and replace them with healthier options, one step at a time. I can show you healthier options for almost anything out there: things around the house, kitchen, cosmetics, clothing, food, etc.

It’s my job to put all things in order, identifying what is or isn’t working for you. I can help you find better solutions that will benefit your health in the short but also long term.

Ready to improve your health?

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