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Are you ready to take charge of your health?

Hey, I’m Marcel

I want to help you improve your health by showing your how the body works and how to make simple healthy choices. Things like real food, sleep, meditation and mindfulness, correct exercise patterns, simple movement, managing stress and avoidance of environmental toxins, all of these are part of what you can do to improve your health.

I believe in the healing powers of the human body and in the mind-body connection, and I want to teach you how to upgrade your health. Through my own health journey, I understood that one’s health can often be quite fragile and that prevention is key to having perfect health.

What is Refresh My Health?

Refresh My Health defines a set of health principles and simple habits that will help you stay healthy during your entire life. Refresh My Health is all about healthy, simple and holistic lifestyle choices made easy.

Refresh My Health is not a diet nor a medical protocol. The name “Refresh My Health” incorporates a set of principles related to general health, eating healthy foods, exercising naturally, sleep and recovery, mindset and mindfulness, managing emotional stress, or dealing with environmental toxins. I like to focus on the ways these factors impact your health and practical solutions to manage these factors towards improving your health.

Improve any of the factors listed above and you’ll improve your health. Improve all of these factors and you’ll be on your way towards perfect health.

Refresh My Health is so versatile that you can simply start with what you want, based on your own needs at any given moment in time. You’ll be able to adapt and change as you go, improving your choices in your own rhythm.

Refresh My Health can be a way of living based on your health goals. Think of it as your own personalized guide towards optimal health. It’s designed to be easy to implement, affordable and healthy.

I believe in natural health

I truly believe that disease comes from physical, chemical or emotional stress. I believe that in order to be healthy again, one has to identify the sources of stress and correct them one by one. These sources can be related to the way of eating, sleeping, your daily routines, the way you move your body, your mindset or the chemicals that may be present in your life without you even knowing it.

I can work with you towards improving all of the health issues that you might have. We’ll work together to identify and change bad habits for healthy habits, while teaching you how to best nourish yourself.

Lastly, I am not a doctor, I don’t give out pills or prescriptions and I don’t name diseases. I never liked diets and I don’t think that counting calories is wise for both mind and body.

We live on autopilot ... most of the time

I believe that our bodies are far more intelligent than we think and deep inside us we know how to make the choices that will benefit our health. My goal is to help you rediscover how to make healthy choices intuitively, like you used to when you were healthy. It may seem a bit hard or uncomfortable at first but I’m confident that anyone can do it, and you can do it too.

Most of the time we live on autopilot, making the same choices over and over again, even if these choices end-up being harmful to us. Our mind wants to keep us in the same “cozy” loop because the mind doesn’t like change. Change means risk and uncertainty, and our mind does not like change. The mind likes predictable actions with predictable results, and sometimes this means we end-up being sick all the time and we feel … normal (comfortable, familiar).

Unfortunately, after staying too much time in this autopilot mode, we lose our ability to adapt and change. Even if the choices we make end-up being harmful to us, it will become harder and harder (and even impossible) to change. After some time we become chronically ill and we get used to it, and what follows next is not a pretty site.

Many of the health conditions can be reversed with a natural approach

I like to deeply understand my client’s problems and I apply critical thinking in solving them. I always take into consideration all the small details that may seem unimportant at first. Many times those small details will end-up making a big difference when it comes to improving one’s health. I don’t trust patterns and I think everyone is unique and that’s why each of us needs a custom plan for managing their health.

I trust in real food and I’d love to teach you how to incorporate simple, tasty and nutritious meals into your daily life. I’d like to show you how real food can nourish your body from the inside, or why this modern way of eating is making us more harm than good. Did I mention that I don’t count calories?!

I truly believe in staying active, I believe in simple exercises, building muscle mass, losing excess fat, as well as taking refreshing walks away from modern distractions. Walking meditations are a great way to settle your mind at peace while deep breathing, relaxing and moving your body. I simply think that movement is a key factor towards achieving that perfect health.

Your perception of the environment around you can lead to emotional stress which, if left unchecked, often leads to some type of chronic disease. Emotional stress is one of those factors that is completely ignored by most medical doctors, and it starts with the way you see your world. Living in constant stress (think fear, anticipation, anxiety, or lack) will put your body in a state of chronic stress which leads to poor digestion, compromised immune system, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, lack of sleep and other similar conditions.

I’ve also specialized in dealing with environmental toxins, a type of stress called chemical stress. If you’re not familiar with environmental toxins, just know that environmental toxins can negatively impact your health in many ways since they are linked to pretty much all the chronic health issues out there.

It’s not easy to steer away from chemical toxins in this fast-moving world, but I have a solid plan. We can work together to identify what are the factors that may negatively impact your health and replace them with healthier options, one step at a time. I can show you healthier options for almost anything out there: things around the house, kitchen items, cosmetics, clothes, linen, packaging, cleaning products, even building materials or paint, and so on.

Relax and don’t worry! It’s my job to put all these health factors in order, identifying what is or isn’t working for you, as well as guiding and supporting you in your healing journey. I can help you find the road to better health and to reach your health goals. Health is your natural state and I truly believe that anyone can be healthy. LOVE!

Ready to improve your health?

Write me and let’s start working together.