I was already sick, I just didn't know it yet. This is my health story.

Marcel CorbeanuRefreshMyHealth
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I did all the mistakes that most people do ... and more.

I wasn’t always preoccupied with health. In fact, I was doing all the mistakes that most people do. Let me explain …

In my 20s I was working as a programmer, producer and small business owner in the media field. I was working 7 days a week, loving my job, making enough money and enjoying the fact that I’m pretty good at what I do.

I was learning interesting things every day, my mind was challenged and that made me happy.

Unfortunately, I was also ignoring my health.

I was working way too much and I wasn’t taking any vacation time. And I mean never! I was afraid that if I’d take a break, I’d lose what made me competitive in an industry where to be competitive means working 7 days a week. Unfortunately, I was becoming sicker and sicker but I didn’t know it at the time. I couldn’t possibly accept that something bad could happen to me or that I could get sick. Not me, never!

Like many other people, my energy levels were dropping by the week. And my dental bill was getting bigger and bigger every time I went for a check-up. I was easily gaining weight and I felt tired pretty much all the time. I was stressed every day, but this didn’t stop me from continuing my toxic lifestyle. I was eating junk foods, I loved ice cream and eating it by the can, plus sweet chocolate was my thing. I wasn’t exercising at all so my muscles were pretty much inexistent.

But it was about to get worse …

My condition got even worse.

Fast forward to 2010/2011, my bad habits continued and my health declined rapidly. I started noticing there’s something wrong with my immune system, since I was tired all the time. On top of this, I used to lose my concentration often than you’d think and I was becoming very easily irritated.

I was in a continuous state of stress (flight or fight) so I couldn’t be productive anymore. That got me depressed which only made things worst. I also wasn’t sleeping good at night, in fact my sleep patterns were messed-up pretty bad. I was often awake at night and sleeping during the day or not sleeping at all.

That was the time when I started developing a weird infection in my body, which lead to a condition where I had thick mucus in my throat all the time. I now know that my condition was a serious sign of systemic infection, I just didn’t know it at the time so I continued my toxic lifestyle.

I did the next logical thing and saw different doctors, but there was no definitive cure. My symptoms improved a bit in some periods and got much worse in others. Sadly nobody was addressing the real cause of disease, the treatments were always based on my symptoms and no doctor seem to care about the cause of my problems. What usually happened was, I would do a few tests, take some pills and off I was working again. But the pills were not making me better, they were actually masking some of the symptoms.

Things got worse in the winter of 2013/2014 and that was the moment I realized that I am sick. Now I had all sorts of digestion issues which made that winter one of the worst periods of my life. Imagine waking up with nausea, feeling nauseated all the time and just not being able to eat anything. This was the new me: tired all the time, not being able to stand up, depressed, feeling nausea all the time, and the list of bad symptoms goes on and on.

I had to do something, anything, but I just didn’t know where to start. I did the only thing I knew how to do best and saw more doctors (lol). Needless to say that during the next 6 months I spent lots of money but never got any better.

This time they recommended various invasive treatments which I’m pretty sure wouldn’t have helped. Fortunately, I chose not to take their advice and, without even realizing it, I had started my own health journey. There was no other way than to take my health into my own hands. It was up to me now!

I knew there had to be another way around this, I just didn’t know where to start. The scary thing was that it was just me and my wife, we were on our own. I had to do something fast or I was looking into a life of medical treatments. I had to change my mindset and think outside the medical framework. I had to make different choices but where to start? Will it be safe for me? Will I get better?

The start of a new life.

In the summer of 2014 I started experimenting with natural remedies and, in just a few months, I was seeing great improvements in my health. I started eliminating the thick mucus from my sinuses, I had energy again, I could think clearly, I could eat different foods without feeling nauseated all the time. I was waking up refreshed in the morning and I was optimistic again. By the autumn of 2016 my recovery was almost complete.

I won’t get into all the details of what I did or didn’t do. Let’s just say that I changed everything, and now this has become the framework for what I call “Refresh My Health”.

By 2017, my full attention was concentrated on learning about natural remedies, healthy cooking, real food, correct exercise patterns and avoiding environmental toxins. I was incorporating more and more new and healthy lifestyle behaviors into my daily routine.

I started reading about these things day and night (well, mostly at night actually). I was documenting from multiple sources and I was putting all this knowledge together. I was seeing health from a different perspective, I was understanding what holistic health is all about.

I slowly changed my focus towards health and health coaching. I started developing my own theories about various health issues and I was applying them on myself or my wife. I’m glad to say that most of these things just worked and our health was improving dramatically. Even though we were well in our 30s, we felt like teenagers again. Our lives were back on track once more and it felt like we got a second chance in life.

The fact that I was in my best shape ever gave me the power to continue my journey.

Health coaching to the rescue.

I realized how health coaching can help people on a different plane then medical doctors can. I understood that there shouldn’t be a competition between medical doctors and health coaches, these professions can actually work in synergy. I simply knew this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

Looking back, I can see great improvements in my family’s energy levels and overall health. And that makes me happy because just a few years back we were on a downfall.

Health is my passion now and I want to help others achieve their optimal health. I truly believe that anyone can be healthy, it just takes a bit of time to put all the pieces back together. Because no two persons are alike, it takes skill and motivation to put things into the correct perspective, but it can be done.

A Health Coach is a wellness expert who educates, motivates and guides clients toward lifestyle and behavior choices that support optimal well-being. I’m one of them and this was my story.

Marcel Corbeanu
Autumn 2019 (The best year of my life)