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My mission is to teach you how to improve and maintain your health through simple healthy choices.

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Private Health Coaching

One on one personalized health coaching with the single goal of improving your health. Learn about the healing powers of real food, sleep and meditation, about correct exercise patterns or how to avoid environmental toxins. I can help you to get your health to the next level.

My Services for You

Hands-On Workshops

I prepared a series of hands-on workshops where you’ll learn how to experiment with real food in a real kitchen. Food has always been my friend and I want to teach you all my secrets for preparing simple and nutritious meals, nourishing desserts or killer low-carb smoothies.

We’ll also go food shopping together in your local supermarket, discussing the pros and cons related to making healthy choices every single time. It’s easy, it’s practical and I’m prepared to show you all my healthy shopping secrets related to both food and everyday products.

My Services for You

Health Talks

Let’s put health into a healthy perspective! I never like the idea of disease and I truly believe we can prevent disease or reverse it, if we make the correct choices. My talks are loaded with practical solutions that work for keeping you body and mind healthy.

Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many other diseases are considered something normal in our modern society. What of I told you that real food, correct exercise patterns, better sleep, meditation, a positive mindset and avoiding environmental toxins, are all part of the solution to being healthy?

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