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Hi, I'm Marcel!
I teach people how to be healthy.

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My mission is to show people like you how to improve and maintain health naturally, through simple healthy choices.
You are designed to be healthy!

Marcel CorbeanuHolistic Health Coach
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My Services for You

Holistic Health Coaching

One-on-one personalized health coaching with the single goal of improving and maintaining your health. Learn how to use the healing powers of real food, correct exercise patterns, deep sleep, meditation and mindfulness, and how to avoid environmental toxins. Understand what chronic stress is and how to manage stress in your everyday life.

In health coaching we always start by analyzing your current health level. We don’t name diseases and we don’t judge your past choices. Instead, we focus on practical solutions designed to work on the short term and, most importantly, we focus on transformations that will help you stay healthy all your life.

As a health coach, I’m here to give you simple and practical solutions, and to guide you towards achieving your health goals. I take a nonjudgmental approach to health and I see everything in a positive light. I’m always prepared to discuss and share with you the truth, and I am here to empower you in your transformation journey.

I truly believe that health is our natural state and that we are designed to live on this wonderful planet. I see diseases as merely adaptations to some kind of environmental, physical or mental conditions (let’s call these stress). As a holistic health coach, my goal is to help you identify and adjust the root causes of your health problems, until you can truly say that you feel healthy again.

My Services for You

Practical Workshops

I prepared a series of hands-on workshops focused on topics like stress and health, healthy shopping, delicious healthy cooking, buying non-toxic products, how to make smoothies, preparing low-carb desserts and others. These workshops are designed for small groups of people and we’ll be focusing on practical solutions that actually work in everyday life.

In one type of workshops, you’ll discover the power of real food and what real food can do for you in terms of holistic health. Food has always been my friend and I want to show you all my secrets for preparing simple and nutritious meals, nourishing desserts or delicious smoothies.

In other type of workshops, we’ll go shopping together in your local supermarket, discussing the pros and cons related to making healthy choices every single time. It’s easy, practical and I want to show you all my healthy shopping secrets related to food and everyday products.

Lastly, I prepared a series of workshops focused on the power of your mind and how stress can make or brake your health. We’ll discuss emotional stress, how the mind works, perception and how it affects our health. Equipped with this knowledge, I’ll share with you practical everyday solutions for getting out of the stress mode and rediscovering true health.

My Services for You

Health Talks

Let’s put health into a healthy perspective! These holistic health talks are loaded with practical solutions focused on keeping you healthy and happy. I never liked the idea of disease and I truly believe that diseases are only adaptations to external factors. Good news is that almost all diseases can be prevented and even reversed once we understand their root cause.

Obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stress, cancer, depression and many other “diseases” are considered something normal in our modern society. What if I told you that we now have holistic solutions to solve all these problems? Real food, correct exercise patterns, better sleep, meditation and mindfulness, managing stress, a positive mindset and avoiding environmental toxins, are all part of the solution to being healthy again.

These health talks are designed for both small or large groups, and can definitely be adjusted according to your company’s needs. I’m available for work in person at your location or online, via Zoom call. I can talk about quite a few subjects so, in case you’re interested in working together, please write me an email with the topics that you’re interested in and we can discuss all the details in private.

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