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Seven years ago, when I started my healing journey, I didn’t see it as the most important journey of my life. I never imagined that I would stand here as a health coach, enjoying life and being health conscious, or helping others become health conscious themselves. I have to thank my wife who sacrificed a lot while helping me in my journey towards healing and rediscovery.

From health to burnout

You see, at the end of 2014 I was feeling tired, sick, depressed and without much hope of getting better. I spent that entire year talking to doctors, doing tests, and finally taking a long break from everything. Unfortunately, my health has not improved at all and I was simply in a state of deep uncertainty.

I was completely confused about what was happening to me and I didn’t knew where to go next. I was feeling depressed about my state of health, about the lack of real solutions, and the fact that I was clueless and powerless regarding what was happening to me. I didn’t even knew what my health issue was because doctors were telling me that my tests were good.

I didn’t had cancer or any kind of incurable disease, but the fact was that my doctors couldn’t tell me what was making me sick. I had all kinds of symptoms but the main thing was a weird infection in my body that was generating large quantities of very thick mucus in my sinuses and going down my throat. This created for me a vicious cycle where I was constantly chocking with mucus, I couldn’t rest or sleep normally, and I couldn’t relax mentally.

I was getting depressed all the time (and I mean down all the way), I couldn’t digest the food properly and I couldn’t eat much because I was feeling nauseated like all the time. I was overweight and definitely lacking muscle mass but that wasn’t all. I also developed a fear to go out of the house due to the thick mucus that was present in my throat all the time.

I had pain in my entire body, constant headaches and I was feeling a complete lack of energy. I was experiencing what may be described as burnout, but I also had clinical symptoms on top of it. My blood tests were “good” but I knew something was deeply wrong. And so did my wife.

We decided to change everything

We had just moved to Norway in the summer of 2014 but there was no way I could find a job. Not with my condition. By the end of 2014, I reached my physical and mental limits. I was feeling exhausted and I simply couldn’t take it anymore. There was no way I could engage in work and my situation seemed to get worse with each passing month.

That’s when I decided to make a complete shift from everything that I was doing in my life, up to that moment. With the complete support of my wife, we decided that it would be better for me to concentrate on my health, while she will work to support us.

It was a courageous decision and seemed to be the only way out of this. We felt it was up to us to understand what made me sick (cause of disease) and how to reverse it. We refused to accept that disease was real and that it could not be reversed. Little did we knew how close were were from the truth!

I didn’t knew anything about health

I must confess that, up until that point in my life, I was completely clueless about health. From a health perspective though, at that moment in my life I didn’t knew where the liver was located in the human body. That’s how interested I was about health.

I was trained as an engineer, and so was my wife. While my wife worked with digital art, I worked as a software developer so you could say that my mind was set on technical solutions.

Once the decision to focus on health was done, everything changed for us … and it changed for the better. This comes to show you that everything in life happens with purpose, even the things that may initially look “bad” or “hard”, even “impossible”.

I remember how I was slowly starting to read about health, about the human body, natural solutions to health, diet and exercise, later mindset and personal development. I was hungry for knowledge and the internet was my best friend. I was reading articles on various health blogs, I was watching Youtube talks and presentations, but also reading books on Kindle and later listening to many many Audiobooks.

Note: In the past 2 years I’ve written many articles summarizing my health solutions. Discover all my holistic health articles.

It was one crazy journey that took us 4 years and it all started in the summer of 2014. This is the classic example of how you can take one bad thing that’s happening to you and turn it into something good. Into something GREAT!

How I found my passion in life

My wife tells me that I found my ikigai, my calling that I was searching for all my life. With this change, came a shift in our relationship, because this fight for health got us even closer together. We know each other since 2002 (so you can say that we were pretty close) but this fight for health made us connect at a more deeper level.

With this whole change of perspective also came a mental shift that slowly grew within us. At first we were afraid for our health, since the old paradigm in our subconscious mind was that, since we were not trained as medical doctors, we couldn’t possibly solve any kind of health issue ourselves. That is the programming that society puts into our minds from early age.

We were afraid that maybe I had “bad genes” and my health (or lack of) was programmed like this from birth (nothing further from the truth, if I may add). And this “logic” could go on and on, but the truth is this: we were afraid of the unknown! Needless to say that this kind of thinking led us to experience more emotional stress, anxiety and many disputes in our relationship.

This is where I want to pause for a minute and praise my wife for what she’s done for us in terms of personal development. Let me explain ….

My wife was there for me

In 2017 she started reading everything she could find related to psychology, relationship, mindset, personal development and so on. But most importantly, with her new knowledge, she opened my eyes to other areas of knowledge, and doing so she opened up other possibilities for both of us.

She showed me the road I never had on my map, because I knew nothing about the fields of psychology, personal development, mindfulness, neuroscience and quantum physics. She opened up possibilities that I never imagined and she showed me the way to a new me, and to a new healthy future together.

She showed me people that succeeded in business or changed their health when nobody would give them a chance. And she showed me that I don’t have to be afraid of anything because others have won harder battles before.

She stood by my side with guidance, inspiration and motivation. She patiently stood with me when I was depressed, tired and struggling. She gave me hope that she is strong when I was weak and taught me how to be strong when she was tired or sad.

In all this time, my wife was there for me and I’m forever grateful for her unconditional support. She was the person that I could talk to for endless hours about my latest “discoveries” regarding health and wellness.

She listened and listened, and listened, and listened to all the ideas in my head. She was the one that put up with all my ideas about what we must do in order to improve our health. She trained with me every other day in our backyard, for 2 straight years. She was my motivation and my soul mate. And still is today,

Cristina Zoica, I dedicate this article and all the other articles to you. You taught me how to open my mind and my heart. You showed me how to be a better person. You stood by me when I was down and you believed in me.

Thank you for your patience. I know it wasn’t easy for you. I love you from all my heart.

December 2021

Marcel Corbeanu

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