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We get practical and you’ll learn all my “how to stay healthy” secrets

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Holistic Health Workshops

General Health Workshop

Stress and Health

In this workshop we’ll focus on the connection between stress and disease. When we talk about stress, we actually talk about 3 different types of stress: physical stress (injury), chemical stress (toxins) and emotional stress (perception, fear, etc) . It is now known that all diseases come from at least one of these types of stressors, and it happens when stress becomes chronic.

In this workshop we’ll mainly discuss about emotional stress and the way our perception of the world can influence our health situation. We’ll discuss how the mind works and how we literally become depended on the stress chemicals, this being the leading cause for almost all diseases that we may develop over time. We’ll also discuss practical ways to understand and change our perception of the world (main cause of emotional stress) and how to improve our health by eliminating emotional stress.

It’s true that we are designed to live with and sustain some kind of short term stress, but we aren’t designed to live in a world where stress has become chronic. What most people don’t know about emotional stress is that our perception of how we see the world actually influences the way or bodies are transforming on a daily basis. Our perception literally creates our every day reality and this is huge in terms of health.

When we choose to see the world as a dangerous place, our brain will secrete chemicals to prepare us to either run or fight. This “feature” is part of the autonomous nervous system and it’s designed to keep us safe from wild predators (… in the wild). But what happens when the perceive stressor is our boss, coworker, neighbor, or maybe the fear of becoming ill? This is called chronic emotional stress and it can make our body literally break down – this is what we commonly call disease or disfunction.

General Health Workshop

How To Be Healthy Forever

In this workshop we’ll focus on what it means to be healthy, how to boost your immune system naturally and how to have more energy every day. We’ll discuss the “symptoms” of being healthy and how to recognize them. We’ll focus on the main factors that can make or break your health, and the best ways to adjust these factors until you become healthy. Lastly, we’ll discuss the best practices that will help you stay healthy your entire life.

After studying health from different perspectives I discovered that, although we want to be healthy, we forgot how to be healthy or what being healthy feels like. I believe that we moved away from the traditional health perspective (our natural rhythms) and we “evolved” in a type of society that doesn’t value prevention and natural health anymore.

While in this workshop we will focus on practical solutions for getting healthy, this workshop is so much more than just a set of practical advices. One of my goals is to empower you to believe in yourself, and to know it in your heart that you can be healthy.

Before you can actually return to health, it’s mandatory to create an image in your mind where you’ll see yourself as a healthy person. This is the reason why we’ll focus on empowering you to believe in yourself, to know it in your heart that you will be healthy. Health is our natural state and it is possible to be perfectly healthy.

General Health Workshop

Healthy Teeth For Life

In this workshop you’ll discover the main factors that often lead to poor oral health (think cavities, parodontities, extractions, unhealthy gums, etc) and practical solution for improving oral health. We’ll focus on the anatomy of teeth and mouth, how tooth decay evolves, how to remineralize teeth, the connection betwen stress and oral health, and practical solutions for achieving that perfect oral health.

After studying holistic health I understood that our teeth are designed to support us throughout our entire life. The same is true for our gums, mouth and our whole body for that matter. And yet only a very small number of people have all their teeth intact around the age of 40! What are we doing wrong? Why people lose their teeth? Why nobody talks about the connection between oral health and general health?

Anyone can improve their oral health without using mouth wash, tooth paste or expensive visits to the dentist. There are no hidden supplements, formulas, pills or recipes that you need to buy or use. The solution for having perfect teeth is related to your general health, stress level, sleep and recovery, your mindset, the food that you’re eating, and other factors that influence your overall health.

In this workshop you’ll learn the common factors that lead to poor oral health and practical steps to take in order to improve oral health. You’ll know what works or doesn’t work related to oral health, and how to self-monitor your oral health at home with no extra costs. Remember that we are designed to live on this planet and our creator did not create us to live here without functional teeth.

General Health Workshop

How To Stay in Shape

In this workshop we’ll focus on tips, tricks and techniques that will help you achieve the body that you’ve always wanted, all in a natural easy holistic way. We won’t be concentrating on body building programs or techniques, instead I’ll share with you why less in more when it comes to training routines. I’ll also share with you my strategies for staying in shape at 40 years old without doing intensive training programs, taking supplements or pills or any kind.

We’ll focus on how and why it’s mandatory to optimize your hormones naturally, become fat adapted and burn fat for fuel instead of burning sugar. You’ll learn why sleep and recovery play a huge role in the body shape equation, and how stress can make or break your health (and your results).

We’ll also dive into topics like: how to recover faster, easier and better, how to build muscle mass while burning your fat storages, and why you don’t need expensive gym memberships or instructors. I’ll teach you how to become a fat burning beast, and how to eat less and actually have more energy to move and exercise.

Nutrition Workshops

Nutrition Workshop

Shopping For Real Food

Would you like to be able to identify healthy foods and avoid making unhealthy choices, all without too much effort? What if I told you that you can learn to spot those toxic products a mile away? Do you want to easily make healthy food choices that will boost your health and your immune system to a whole new level?

In this workshop we’ll focus on practical solutions that will make food shopping a relaxing adventure. You’ll learn how to find those “good-for-you” products that are unprocessed, unrefined and packed with real nutrients.

And since this workshop focuses on buying real food, we’ll touch a bit on the following topics: the importance of eating real food, the benefits of home cooking, how to cook for health, why you should focus on having a healthy gut flora, the immune system connection, calories vs nutrients, into to diets, and a few other similar topics.

Know that food is nourishment for body and mind. Consuming delicious and healthy foods will have an immediate impact on your physical body, but will also have a huge impact on your immune system, and your emotional well-being. Learn how to use real food for nourishment and for healing! Hint: it all starts when you go out to buy simple natural food.

Nutrition Workshop

Simple Healthy Cooking

I designed this workshop around the idea of healthy cooking for the entire family. From breakfast to lunch and dinner, snacks and desserts, we’ll be experimenting with some of most delicious and healthy recipes. I’ll share with you all my tips and tricks related to cooking meals that are easy, nutritious, healthy and always affordable.

It’s doesn’t matter if you follow a certain way of eating because in this workshop you’ll learn how to prepare delicious meals using your own choice of ingredients. We’ll focus on simple recipes and meals that can be easily adjusted to your own preference and eating habits. We’ll also discuss about managing your budget but still be able to make the best and healthiest choices. I’ll also share with you my strategies for preparing lots of plant-based meals, desserts or smoothies.

This workshop is perfect for anyone that wants to start cooking healthy food. I truly believe that anyone can prepare delicious meals using simple natural ingredients. As with anything in life, you only have to put your passion into it and follow clear directions. Let’s get cookin’!

Nutrition Workshop

Delicious Low-Carb Desserts

Do you like desserts? Of course you do! The problem with desserts these days is that many people are using unhealthy ingredients like refined sugar, grains, refined seed oils, additives, fillers or trans fats. Bottom line, most of these “desserts” lack even the basic nutrients that will keep you healthy, plus they don’t even taste that good. Instead of nourishing you from the inside-out (think skin, nails, hair, mood), these “desserts” will make you fat, will make you sick and they are super addictive, which means you’ll only eat more.

In this workshop I’ll show you how to prepare desserts that are healthy to consume, easy to make, super tasty and, most importantly, desserts that come with beneficial nutrients. I truly believe that we need real unprocessed nutrients in order to thrive, especially in these times of extremes.

When it comes to ingredients, we’ll focus on using simple ingredients in their natural form: think organic, whole, unrefined, and unprocessed. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be spending huge amounts of money, instead you’ll discover that less is more here. I promise you that this workshop will forever change the way you see desserts and your health will transform in many positive ways.

Nutrition Workshop

Healthy Tasty Smoothies

In this workshop I want to share with you my “secrets” to making smoothies that not only taste great but also boost your immune system to a whole new level. I truly believe that smoothies are a game changer especially if they are prepared correctly and when they look and taste amazing.

You probably know that smoothies are healthy plant-rich drinks but are all smoothies created equal? What are the best ways to prepare delicious smoothies? How do you choose a blender that does the work but doesn’t cost too much and it’s also free of toxic materials? How do you create your own recipes with your own choice of ingredients?

In this workshop we’ll focus on the best strategies and techniques for making healthy tasty smoothies, smoothie bowls and nice creams. We’ll start with the basics by discussing about plants and the way plants should be combined in smoothies. Next, we’ll focus on simple blends and we’ll slowly evolve toward those delicious vegetable smoothies that are packed with beneficial nutrients and taste amazing. Besides smoothies, we’ll also experiment with putting together amazing smoothie bowls and nice creams. Let’s get blending!

Environmental Toxins Workshops

Toxins Workshop

Shop Non-Toxic Products

These days we have access to all sorts of products but so many of them often contain ingredients that may impact our health in negative ways. These chemicals (called environmental toxins) are linked to pretty much every chronic health issue you can think of. From weight gain, obesity or type 2 diabetes, to allergies, anxiety and depression, to autoimmune diseases, digestion issues, constipation, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, dental health, cancer and others.

Are there safer alternatives out there? Yes, of course! But the question is: how do we find the safest products and how do we know for sure that these alternatives are good for our health, especially in the long term? That’s where this workshop comes in.

I designed this workshop around the idea of making informed decisions when it comes to buying everyday non-toxic products for the entire family. I’ll show you how to spot those products that could harm your health and how to always choose the safest options, regardless of where you shop or how much money you spend.

We’ll focus on things like cosmetics, cleaning products, clothes, kitchen utensils, plastics, food containers, cooking items, things around the house, children’s toys, supplies, indoor air, perfumes, house lighting, and others. In this workshop I’ll talk about why some products may be harmful for your health, what are some of the safest options and how to spot them, and you’ll learn what ingredients or chemicals to avoid and why.

Toxins Workshop

My Chemical-Free House

Every day we are exposed to all sorts of unregulated chemicals that can lead to various health issues. Environmental toxins are a collection of chemicals that can interfere with our body and immune system in ways that can often lead to disease.

Fortunately, it’s also true that most of these chemicals can be avoided if we make a conscious effort and this is where my workshop comes in. In this workshop you’ll learn why it’s important to avoid certain harmful products and chemicals, how to choose safer alternatives, and how to avoid getting yourself bombarded with environmental toxins in your living space or in your working space.

Environmental toxins are linked to every chronic health issues that you can think of but that’s not all. In fact, these toxic chemicals that are found in many of our everyday products get practically undetected by health professionals. You see, doctors are not trained in environmental toxins science so they don’t make the connection between chemicals use and diseases like diabetes, cancers and so on. It’s up to us to take care of our own environment and this workshop will teach you just that!

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