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Shopping for Real Food

Want to learn how to navigate all the supermarket madness without stress? Want to be able to identify healthy foods and avoid the unhealthy ones without too much effort? What if I told you I can spot unhealthy products a mile away and you could too? This workshop focuses on practical solutions that will make your food shopping a breeze.


Shop Everything Healthy

These days we have access to all sorts of products, but many of them made are made with ingredients that can impact our health in negative ways. These chemicals (also called environmental toxins) are linked to every chronic health issue, from weight gain, to obesity, diabetes, to allergies, depression, chronic fatigue and more. Are there safer alternatives out there? How do we find them?

I designed this workshop around the idea of making informed decisions when it comes to buying everyday products: things like cosmetics, cleaning products, clothing, kitchen utensils, plastics, food containers, things around the house, children’s toys, supplies, indoor air, house lighting, etc.


Simple Healthy Cooking

This is a practical workshop designed around the idea of healthy cooking for the entire family. From breakfast to dinner, snacks and desserts, we’ll be experimenting with some of my favorite healthy recipes. I’ll share with you all my tips and tricks related to cooking meals that are nutritious, healthy and affordable.


Let’s Make Low-Carb Desserts

Do you like desserts? Of course you do. The problem with desserts today is they’re prepared using too many unhealthy ingredients, things like refined sugar and refined seed oils. Bottom line, most of these “desserts” lack even the most basic nutrients. They make you fat, they make you sick and they’re addictive, which means you’ll only eat more.

I want to change all of this and I want to teach you how to prepare desserts that are healthy, easy to make, super tasty, but most importantly, desserts that come with real nutrients. I don’t use sugar, I don’t use refined seed oils and I also care a lot about all the ingredients used. I promise you that this workshop will change forever the way you see deserts.


Healthy Tasty Smoothies

Everybody knows smoothies are healthy but are all smoothies created equal? What are the best way to prepare smoothies? How do you choose a blender? How do you create your own recipes? How about the smoothies you buy at your local smoothie bar?

I truly believe smoothies are a game changer if they’re prepared correctly and this workshop focuses on teaching you the best strategies for making healthy and tasty smoothies. I’ll be teaching you my secrets to making smoothies that not only taste great but also help your immune system thrive. We’ll be starting with simple blends and slowly evolve toward more complicated smoothies, some of them made with at least 10 ingredients.

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