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The coronavirus crisis showed me, once again, how little we know about our bodies and our health, or how afraid we are of dying. We are designed to be healthy but we are doing something wrong.

This crisis also showed me how easy we can be intimidated with fear alone. Most of us have spent their entire life ignoring anything and everything related to health. During this crisis, the fear of getting sick or worst, the fear of dying, have been put on a pedestal.

Ask yourself these questions

Are you afraid of getting sick? The correct mindset should be to get healthier. Because you can. Because you were designed to fight viruses and bacteria. You’re fighting viruses and bacteria on a daily basis. You have everything you need inside you. Your immune system, your brain, your emotions. You can use all these as powerful weapons against all kinds of “intruders”. You shouldn’t be afraid of the intruders, instead know that we are designed to live with viruses and bacteria. That’s right! Viruses and bacteria are part of our world and we actually need them to survive.

Are you afraid of dying? The real question should be IF you’ve lived a meaningful life. Unfortunately, most of us never ask this question because we are too afraid of losing whatever is that we have. Material things. Meaningless things. Unimportant things. Most of us don’t realize that most of the time we live without being present in the moment. We live someone else’s life. We live in fear. We live in agony. We live in sadness. Why is that? What are most of us doing wrong? What can we do to change all this?

We live on autopilot pretty much all our life. We go to school, to work, we make children, we take vacations, we get old and we die. We walk on the same streets, live in the same place, do the same things, with the same people. This is called auto-pilot. And it’s not making you smarter or healthier, it’s just keeping you in the same meaningless loop. You owe it to yourself to wake up from this dream.

This pretty much sums up what “life” means for most of us. But does that really mean living? You need to answer this for yourself.

Viruses are part of life

This coronavirus, like any other virus, is part of life. Part of you and me. Part of our DNA. In the human body, viruses make up about 10% of our DNA. It has been estimated that there are about 380 trillions viruses inhabiting us (this is known as the human virome). The human microbiome (all bacteria that live in or on us) is inhabited by 100 trillions bacteria, while the human body has only about 38 trillion cells. So bacterias in our body outnumber cells by a ratio of at least 3:1.

Viruses and bacterias are all around us. They live on us and inside us. But did you know that viruses aren’t even alive? So why all this fear or viruses?

Could it be that we have ruined our immune system so much that we cannot resist anymore? Could it be that we are so disconnected from ourselves, that we are in fact the ones poisoning ourselves from the inside?

Maybe it’s not the so-called “pathogen” that’s harming us, it’s our lowered immune system that cannot keep the viruses and bacterias in control. We are not the ones controlling our health. We cannot possibly kill them all or sterilize everything because we rely on viruses and bacteria.

You control your health

I truly believe that this coronavirus situation is a wake-up call for the human race. It’s a time when we need to change how we look at life.

We need to learn how to appreciate what nature has to offer. To appreciate life and to invest time in our health.

We have to stop delegating our health to others. Instead we have to take our health into our own hands. We need to learn how to be responsible for our own health. To appreciate what life has to offer. To appreciate small things. To invest more of our time into us and what we really want to do in life.

Health is easy. Natural. Simple. Perfect health is a gift but we aren’t appreciating it enough. We don’t fight for our health. We don’t care about our health enough to make the changes that are important.

We have been here on this planet for so long. Yet we have never been this sick. We are chronically ill and this coronavirus is only killing us because we are already sick.

We aren’t living in harmony with nature, we are poisoning the food, the water and everything around us. We are a disease for this Planet and it shows back in our health.

The virus is not making us sick, we have been sick for too long that we simply cannot fight another virus.

Think about it … our society considers disease as something normal. Disease has become the new normal and, if we want our children to have a life, we need to change the alarming disease rates in our society. And we need to do it fast.

Strangely as it may sound, this pandemic is our chance to invest more time into our health. Into our future and our children’s future. But in order to improve something, we need to take two steps back and really understand where we are.

We are all sick! It is not normal. We have been designed to live on this Planet. We are adapted for this environment, yet we struggle so much to even survive.

We need to start acting differently, otherwise this will repeat again and again. We need to learn from the mistakes of the past. We need to understand the wisdom that was passed on to us from older generations. We need to learn how to live holistically.

We need to get rid of our fears, because fear is making us blind in the eyes of faith. Fear is what is driving this pandemic right now, and we have created the fear. The fear is in our minds. Instead of trusting the news which always presents the sensational, we should trust our mind. We need to look at this pandemic without fear. We need to improve our immune system and we will be fearless.

We needed a wake-up call and this is it! This is our change to do things different from now on.

You are the only one responsible for your faith. You are responsible for your own health. What other kind of motivation do you need to quit smoking, eat healthy, start running, get rid of stress, get positive, practice some form of meditation, get outside in nature, etc, etc.

You already know what you need to do to improve your health. What’s stopping you from doing it?

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